Events – Grossi Wines Portfolio Tasting

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Photo – His Excellency Ambassador Economides with Carlo and Catherine Grossi


At his Italian wine and beer portfolio tasting organised by Allora Solutions and held at luxurious No 4 Hamilton Place on March 6th, Carlo Grossi of the eponymous wine importing company was delighted to be honoured by a vist to the tasting by the Italian Ambassador His Excellency Alain Giorgio Maria Economides.

This unusual accolade demonstrates the high regard in which Grossi Wines are held, for they are promoting a vital and dynamic sector of Italian exports, that of small specialist individual wine producers who, whilst championing history and heritage, are usually also at the forefront of modern innovation and development.

Regarding the definition of ‘small’, Grossi Wines set themselves the operating parameter of “…up to 30 hectares of vines” though most are nearer 10 hectares, and of the 35 companies that Grossi represent – an ever-growing number – no less than 25 had made the trip to London. All were delighted with the exceptional visitor turn-out, with the wine press contingent being headed by Charles Metcalfe, Stephen Spurrier and Christian Davis, editor of Drinks International, and the restaurant world representatives including a number of Michelin-starred chefs.

But these luminaries were somewhat overshadowed by the arrival of the Italian Ambassador together with two of his close diplomatic associates. This type of ambassadorial endorsement is rare. In the past Italian ambassadors have visited the Italian section of the London Wine Fair, but attendance at an individual importer’s event is believed to be unique.

Another first for Grossi Wines, this forward-looking and innovative specialist Italian wine importer.

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