Bulk Wines



Almost by accident, a separate Bulk Wines division of Allora Solutions has been created.

Back in early 2013 we invited, as usual, a wide membership of the UK wine trade to an event we were organising, and included in that mailout was a company specialising in the importation of bulk wines in containerised tanks into the United Kingdom.

Unusually, this company took the trouble to email back to us to thank us for the invitation and explain that, due to their commercial specialisation, they were unlikely to be interested in our specific event. We replied to that email by thanking them for their courtesy, and suggested that if ever they had need of alternative bulk wine supplies from Italy, to please contact us.

To our amazement, they did just that…….

We therefore set about providing suitable samples for them to taste at prices they found attractive, and the business has now grown from a simple pair of well-flavoured white and red wines to include quantities of Chianti Classico DOCG and with other Italian regional wines under consideration.

And looking beyond the borders of Italy, we are now supplying samples of wines from France – again a generic red and white with a number of other single variety examples and, at present, it seems likely that total quantities for our new Bulk Wines Division will exceed a million litres this year and probably double that figure next year.

Obviously, having now proved ourselves, as we have now opened this particular door we are also ready to help others in the bulk wines business with samples and supplies from any of the eight major bulk wine exporting countries should they have need of our recently-created services.

And, no sooner than we entered the above paragraph on our website, than we were approached for advice and samples for export of wines from Italy to Vietnam, and have now visited that country where the three largest importers are LamDong Foodstuffs (Ladofoods) JSC, TahngLong Liquor JSC and Vinh Hung Co. Ltd.