Two Wine Ladies



Through her previous promotional work, Alessandra had already met the human dynamo that is Michela Basile. But in early 2012, on hearing that Alessandra and Brian had formed Allora Solutions, Michela suggested there could be a profitable association between the two of them. This then evolved into the recognition that their exchanges revealed a true meeting of minds, probably due to both Alessandra and Michela being part romantic Italian and part pragmatic central European in background. This fortunate combination allows them both to work extremely efficiently and effectively.

So immediate was their recognition of their complementary characters, they decided to form a separate joint venture calling itself “Two Wine Ladies”, and it is now through this association that Allora Solutions has recently sprouted the following projects in the Work in Progress section of Events on the website –
UK promotions exchange program for province of Abruzzo
UK promotions exchange program for province of Friuli
UK promotions exchange program for province of Lazio
UK promotions exchange program for province of Piedmont
UK promotions exchange program for province of Puglia

However, these projects, which were all under active discussion, have now been overtaken by a proposal that Allora Solutions take over the whole export promotional initiative of UIV, the Unione Italiani Vini. This will once again utilise our proposal for a three-pronged promotional attack, with a London event for around 200 exhibitors entirely arranged by Allora Solutions alongside events in Rome and New York to which Allora Solutions will also be responsible for arranging visits by senior UK trade participants.

Watch this space.




Educated in the USA with a Diploma from The University of Connecticut followed by a Diploma in Public Relations from Lazio in Italy, Michela followed her full time education with a responsible position as Events Manager & Press Office Assistant in the Italian Parliament in Rome.

During her seven years in this position she coordinated the Referendum campaign, and supported Oscar Luigi Scalfaro (President of the Italian Republic) in the “Save the Italian Constitution” project, in particular being responsible for recruitment and training of all employees and volunteers plus leading the fundraising team identifying and soliciting funds for the campaign as well as many other functions.

This was followed by a year as Events Manager for the Contemporanea Monti 2008 charity, fundraising money for Santo Eugenio Hospital where, basically, Michela simply ran the whole huge operation, from planning through implementation, committee stages, promotional events, press and publicity relations to a hugely successful conclusion.

A year in London then followed, organising a televised (BBC Radio, RAI and Mediaset) conference project which took place at University College, London, on behalf of the leader of the IDV political party, Antonio Dipietro, a Member of the European Parliament, an Italian Senator and a Minister in the Prodi Government. He was also a respected prosecutor in the team known in Italy as Mani Pulite (Clean Hands) in the early 1990s.

This trip and meetings also involved Leoluca Orlando and Roberto Scarpinato with a meeting at London School of Economics. Scarpinto was one of the most important anti-mafia Magistrates in Italy, a part of the brave anti-mafia pool along with Falcone and Borsellino and author of “Il Ritorno del Principe”, together with Leoluca Orlando who was a Member of the Italian Parliament but more famous as the Mayor of Palermo fighting against the mafia.

Since 2012 Michela has been running her own projects management company based both in London and Rome, and alongside her own activities has teamed with Alessandra in their Two Wine Ladies project, promoting wine and associated activities for Italian exporters, primarily into the United Kingdom.

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