Events – Amerigo Vespucci


High Power wines for High Power events…..

From August 6th to 9th the Italian naval training ship Amerigo Vespucci was moored at Canary Wharf in London’s Docklands hosting a series of four separate governmental events. One was a high-powered political lunch with significant politicians from most of the G20, and three were evening soirees focussed on Arts and Crafts; Defense Procurement; and the HORECA industry.

For each of these events all the wines were generously provided by Carlo Grossi of the eponymous award-winning specialist Italian wine company, and all the food was provided by their business partners, Salvo, the leading Italian food distributor to the restaurant trade. This is believed to be the first time the Italian Embassy has been sufficiently convinced of the worth of what was effectively a single supplier to award the provisioning of every single government function to one sole organisation.

Grossi/Salvo were honoured to be chosen in this way and, judging by the praise heaped on them by both organisers and visitors alike, obviously rose superbly to the challenge. And, if further proof were needed, each company has already started to receive orders for supplies for home consumption from individuals invited to one or other of the events.

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Additional Background

Amerigo Vespucci was the Italian explorer who, in 1505, gave his name to the new continent to the west first discovered by his friend Christopher Columbus – himself an Italian from Genoa. America it became, the feminine version of Amerigo…… Which is a lot easier to pronounce than Vespuccia.

In 1932 his name was also given to a four-masted naval training tall ship now based in Livorono, but often found away from port being unashamedly used by the Italians as a superb government-sponsored meet-and-greet location.

In London’s Canary Wharf it provided an amazing visual contrast to the modernistic slab-like outlines of the office buildings with the delicacy of its spider’s web of rigging and ropework.

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