For many years Alessandra Bottaro looked after the Wine Department at the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) in central London. Now renamed the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), this is Italy’s international office network providing support for Italian companies looking to export.

During her time at ICE/ITA Alessandra became known throughout the wine trade as the godmother of the Italian wine success story in the UK, and she is now, through her new company Allora Solutions, offering her expertise directly to those in need of advice and guidance regarding sales, promotion, marketing, journalist’s or buyer’s trips, research, shipping, importing, exhibitions, tastings or translation.

In her position since the early 1990s, Alessandra’s responsibilities covered all the above headings and throughout this extended period the contacts she has made in both the UK and Italy are personal and strong. And to further strengthen her offering through her newly-created Allora Solutions office, her experiences are now twinned with those of Brian Jordan, noted international wine judge alongside Alessandra, freelance journalist and photographer and previous long-time committee member of both the Circle of Winewriters and F I J E V as well as wine marketing consultant specialising in Italian wines.

Financial problems persisting throughout Europe make this an important time to establish or improve marketing plans for the United Kingdom – the world’s largest wine importing market. Allora Solutions can provide vital assistance in achieving those aims.

And alongside the more conventional public relations activities, Allora Solutions also offer specialist professional standard photographic facilities and, in the case of Italy, even more importantly, perfect translation facilities.

What follows may seem a cruel appraisal, but there is little point in avoiding the truth – the expensive truth that, in almost every case, Italian translation agencies are useless. Indeed, they are usually so bad they are worse than useless as what starts out as a serious promotional document seems inevitably to turn into a comedy tract, losing all impact or intent and attracting only derision.

As the principals of Allora Solutions comprise a university-educated Rome-born Italian and a London-born technically qualified wine journalist, quality of translation is simply perfect. In fact, better than perfect, as the finished product will be worded and constructed differently and correctly, depending on whether it is a set of instructions, a technical presentation, a sales and promotion document or any other specialised format.

Put simply, the translated message is presented as if produced by a technically appropriate well-educated native English speaker – which, effectively, it has been…